Sour Brulee (CBD Flower)

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Sour Brulee CBD Flower


Discover the unparalleled potency and flavor of Sour Brulee, a top-tier CBD strain cultivated with care by Fire Farms. This remarkable hybrid combines the best of W19 and GG#4 Conversion to deliver a unique experience.


  • Parent Strains: W19 x GG#4 Conversion


  • Flowers: Large, dense lime green flowers with minimal variation
  • Structure: Consistent shape and highly productive, ensuring excellent yields

Aroma and Flavor:

  • Aroma: Powerful and pungent lime and gas with a hint of cream
  • Flavor: Mouth-puckering sour citrus that leaves a lasting impression

Growing Information:

  • Yield: Excellent total cannabinoid producer with plenty of resin
  • Flowering Time: Our fastest finishing CBD line to date, maturing in around 7 weeks indoors or early September if planted outdoors in early June

Cannabinoid Profile:

  • CBD to THC Ratio: Approximately 25:1, providing potent CBD effects with minimal THC content

Sour Brulee stands out with its intense aroma and fast finishing times, making it a favorite among growers and consumers alike. Experience the vibrant, gassy, and creamy notes of Sour Brulee, the ultimate addition to your CBD collection.